University Research


• Member of "ECCO AMLAT" (written and oral discursive productions of Latin American artists), Université Rennes 2, 2016-2018



• Empirical study: "Processes of Creating Meaning and Knowledge in View of Religious Representations" in the frame of the membership of the DFG (German Research Foundation) research network "Functioning and Effects of Religious Representations", Universities of Münster and Dortmund (Germany), 2011-2015.



• External evaluation: "Analysis of the Empirical Measurability of the Processes of Generating Knowledge and Sense in View of Religious Representations" on behalf of the European Network for Visual Literacy (ENViL), Mozarteum der Universität Salzburg (Austria), 2014



• Evalutaion: "Risks and Side Effects of the Assessment of Competences in Art Education", University of Bremen (Germany), 2011



• Empirical study: "Graphies as Method to Visualize and Generate Self-determined Processes of Knowledge Creating" with M. Peters in the frame of the interdisciplinary research program 'komdif' under the auspices of the IPN-Leibniz-Institut Kiel (Germany) . University of Bremen (Germany), 2009-2011



• Accompanying research and scentific consultation: School pilot project "alles>>könner" on visual literacy" with M. Peters on behalf of the Senate of Hamburg (Germany). University of Bremen (Germany), 2009-2011



• Co-organisation of the supraregional research committee "Hedonism in Media/Arts/Education". Universities of Bremen, Flensburg, Frankfurt (Germany), 2010



• Co-Organisation of the of the autonomous research colloquium for art education "Communicating Research Results", Ev. Academy of Loccum/Hannover (Germany), 2010


University Teaching


• Seminars on the history and theory of artists' groups, artists' initiatives and artists' networks in the 20th and 21st century.

University ICP Paris, regularly since 2016



• Seminars on artists' books within public and private archives.

Universities and Faculties of Fine Arts in Porto, Osnabrück, and Cologne, 2013-2015



• Seminars on collecting and museumisation processes.

Institute for Fine Art and Art and Art Theory at the University of Cologne, 2013-2014



• Research lab on the visualization of modes of action of religious representations.

Institute of Catholic Theology at the University of Paderborn, 2013



• Seminars on different aspects of creating and transgressing knowledge in view of and with contemporary art (specifically on artistic strategies as reasearch mode, on speaking and writing about art, on concepts of the beholder and the perception, on theories of museums, artists' initiatives and private galleries, on the im-possibilities of interpretation, etc.).

Institute for Fine Art at the University Bremen, 2005-2011