Movies of the month

Alain Resnais: Toute la mémoire du monde, 1956





Kurt Schwitters, Ursonate, 1932 - still fascinating





Kurt Schwitters, Ursonate, 1932

Peter Kubelka, Arnulf Rainer, 1960





Arseny Avraamoc, Symphony of Factory Sirenes, 1922 (reconstruction)





Tex Avery, Northwest Hounded Police, 1946





Józef Robakowski, I am Going, 1973





Bruce Conner, A Movie, 1958





John Cage performing "Water Walk" on a  TV show, 1960





Martin Arnold, Pièce Touchée, 1989





Téo Hernandez: Pas de Ciel, 1987





Monsieur Verdoux (Charlie Chaplin)





Chuck Jones, Roadrunner a Go Go, 1965 (shortend)





Chris Burden, The atomic alphabet, 1982





Charlemagne Palestine: Bösendorfer at its best!

Before and After

The disappearance of books after the closing of many Parisian bookshops...




... and their glamorous resurrection in the most chick fashionshops of Paris

Most selfish museum "intervention" EVER

Fashionshow, burying artworks at the Galleria Borghese, Rome, Summer 2015. Photos: Maike Aden

Conversation of the month

#LowTechLabLondon2016. Raúl Marroquín for the Educational Program of the Saatchi Gallery London