Movies of the month

Peter Kubelka, Arnulf Rainer, 1960





Arseny Avraamoc, Symphony of Factory Sirenes, 1922





Tex Avery, Northwest Hounded Police, 1946





Józef Robakowski, I am Going, 1973





Bruce Conner, A Movie, 1958





John Cage performing "Water Walk" on a  TV show, 1960





Martin Arnold, Pièce Touchée, 1989





Téo Hernandez: Pas de Ciel, 1987





Monsieur Verdoux (Charlie Chaplin)





Chuck Jones, Roadrunner a Go Go, 1965 (shortend)





Chris Burden, The atomic alphabet, 1982





Charlemagne Palestine: Bösendorfer at its best!

Most selfish museum "intervention" EVER SEEN

Fashionshow, burying artworks at the Galleria Borghese, Rome, Summer 2015. Photos: Maike Aden

Conversation of the month

#LowTechLabLondon2016. Raúl Marroquín for the Educational Program of the Saatchi Gallery London