major research projects since 2012

Artists' BOOKS

Texts, lectures and seminars in the frame of Maike Aden's research work on the theory and history of published and multiplied art works of the independent and international network scenes since the 1950s: their political context, their archives and their artistic forms by text, image and sound...

Maike Aden Artists' Books Artists' Publications
Catalogue Museum Mönchengladbach by Joseph Beuys, 1967

Ulises Carrión

Contributions and presentations in the frame of the extensive research work for the first comprehensive retrospective on the writer, artist, editor, curator, and theorist of the post-1960s international artistic avant-garde Ulises Carrión (1941-1989) at the Museum Reina Sofia...

Maike Aden Ulises Carrion
Ulises Carrión, Ulises Carrión: To be or not to be, 1976, detail

Archive Guy Schraenen éditeur

Research work, contributions and presentations in the frame of the reorganisation, documentation and representation of the archive of the former publishing house Guy Schraenen éditeur...

Maike Aden Guy Archive Schraenen éditeur
Guy Schraenen éditeur

Bas Jan Ader

Books, contributions and presentations in the frame of Maike Aden's PhD on the artist Bas Jan Ader (1942-1975) and his contemporary reception by artists such as Elke Krystufek, Jonathan Monk, Haegue Yang...

Maike Aden Bas Jan Ader
Bas Jan Ader: Implosion, 1967, detail

religious representations

Presentations and contributions on the history and current use of religious representations in the frame of the empirical research work as member of the German Research Foundation (DFG) Network on "The Functioning and Effects of Art in the field of practical theology"...

Maike Aden on Religious Representations
Cathedral Reims: Project Imi Knoebel, photo: Derix Glasstudio


Critical essays reflecting the trends, events, exhibitions, institutions, buzzwords and other topics which shape the contemporary world of art...

Maike Aden Reviews
Ben Vautier: J'ai quelque chose à dire (I have to say something), n.y.

Major Research Projects before 2012





Empirical Research

Contributions and presentations in the frame of the conceptualization, elaboration and critical evaluation of an empirical study on the visualization of processes of creating meaning under the direction of the IPN-Leibniz Institute Kiel for the Institute for Art History, Film Studies and Art Education at the University of Bremen...

Maike Aden Empirical Research
Ed Reinhardt: 11th of the series "How to Look...", detail