• Research assistant for the exhibition "Sound Art Vanguards" (provisional title), Museo Reina Sofia Madrid, 2020



• Research commissioner for the scientific development and elaboration of the "Artists’ Publications Keyword Directory" (Initiator: Guy Schraenen) for the artists' book collection at the Museo Reina Sofia, Madrid, 2013-2018



• Research assistant for the Ulises Carrión retrospective "Dear Reader. Don't read", Museo Reina Sofia Madrid, 2016 / Museo Jumex Mexico, 2017



• Commissioner for the reorganisation, documentation and representation of the archive Guy Schraenen Éditeur, Bruxelles/Paris, since 2012



• Assistant for exhibitions in the field of artists' publications and sound art, Centre for Artists' Publications Bremen/Museum Weserburg Bremen, 2005-2006



• Program collaborator for the international art project "Sound Art", Centre for Artists' Publications Bremen 2005



• Commissioner for the provenance research and registration of the Collection Ludwig Roselius Bremen, Neues Museum Weserburg Bremen 2005





• Cooperations with various Parisian museums for art of the 20th and 21st century in the frame of various university seminars on artists' groups, artists' initiatives and artists' networks in the 20th and 21st century at the University ICP Paris, regularly since 2016



• Cooperations with private and public collectors / archives of artists' books in the frame of various university seminars about artists' books at the Schools for Fine Art and Universities in Porto, Osnabrück and Cologne, 2013 - 2015



• Cooperations with the Museum Ludwig and the Kolumba Museum in Cologne in the frame of various university seminars on collecting and museumisation processes at the University of Cologne, 2013-2014



• Cooperation with the Diocesan Museum Paderborn in the frame of a research laboratory on the visualization of modes of action of religious representations at the Institute for Catholic Theology Paderborn, 2013



• Cooperations with various museums, archives, galleries and studios in Bremen in the frame of various "see-minars" for students of all factulties of the University of Bremen, 2009-2011



• Seminars for teacher of the Free Hanseatic Cities of Bremen and Hamburg on selected issues of contemporary art in the frame of my work at the Museum Weserburg Bremen and the Hamburger Kunsthalle, 2009-2011



• Specific formats, critical projects, lectures and guided tours for visitors of the documenta exhibition (Topics, a.o.: "Looking Beyond the Edges of Chance", "The 'Practice of Everyday-life' at the Documenta12", "Art and Empowerment", etc.) in the frame of my work as member of the mediation program at the documenta 12 Kassel, partly supported by the Heinrich Böll Foundation and the Fond Soziokultur, 2007



• Conference on the role of the museum today on behalf of the ASKI/University of Bremen, 2007



• Cooperations with the Museum Weserburg Bremen, the Hamburger Kunsthalle and the documenta Kassel in the frame of my teaching projects at the University of Bremen (Topics, a.o.: "Critical Discussion on the Expanding of Art Education in Times of the Loss of Power of the Public Museums", "Performing the Museum", "Production and Transgression of Knowledge whilst Speaking and Writing about Art", "Art as Research and Research as Art", "Writing at the Interface between Text and Image", "Can one Speak about Sound?", "Impossibleness and Necessity of Interpretation", etc.), 2005-2011