• Curator of the exhibition Rainer Oldendorf. marco 15 und HIVE/Section Film: Gustave F.echt, Organized by the Kunstverein Weil am Rhein, 20 March - 01 May 2022



• Launch of the Instagram account  #guyschraenen, documenting Guy Schraenen's work on Instagram.10 February 2022



• Curator of the exhibition Disonata. Sound in Art up to 1980, Museo Reina Sofia Madrid, 24 April - 12 October 2020



• Curator of the exhibition: Kontakt with Guy Schraenen. Museo Reina Sofia Madrid, 20 February - 11 September 2020

• Second venue: Centre for Artists' Publications, Museum Westerburg Bremen, February - May 2021, postponed due to the pandemic



• Curator of the exhibition Game, Set, Match. A comprehensive overview in three chapters on the concept of artists' books", after concepts by Guy Schraenen. Museum Serralves, Porto, Portugal. 17 June - 05 December 2019



• Curator of the exhibition Vinyls & Clips, together with Sylvie Zavatta, Frac Franche-Comté, Besançon, 19 May-22 September 2019



• Associated member of the Arbeitskreis Künstlerbücher (association of institutions and scientists in the field of artists’ books in German speaking regions).



• Member of the AG Künstlerbücher|RDA und Sondermaterialien (special working group for developing cataloguing standards for artists' books according the RDA - Ressource Description & Access) within the Committee for Standardisation at the German National Library, 2018-2021



• Head of research for the scientific development and elaboration of the Artists’ Publications Keyword Directory (initiator: Guy Schraenen) for the artists' book collection at the Museo Reina Sofia, Madrid, 2013-2018



• Research assistant for the Ulises Carrión retrospective Dear Reader. Don't read, Museo Reina Sofia Madrid, March 16 - October 10, 2016

• Second venue: Museo Jumex Mexico, February 09. - April 2017



• Launch of the website Guy Schraenen. In and Out of Print, an annotated digital archive of Guy Schraenen's work, 15 December 2012



• Commissioner for the reorganization, documentation and representation of the archive Guy Schraenen Éditeur, Bruxelles/Paris, since 2012



• Assistant for exhibitions in the field of artists' publications and sound art, Centre for Artists' Publications Bremen/Museum Weserburg Bremen, 2005-2006



• Program collaborator for the international art project "Sound Art", Centre for Artists' Publications Bremen 2005



• Commissioner for the provenance research and registration of the Collection Ludwig Roselius Bremen, Neues Museum Weserburg Bremen 2005




• Seminars with students of the University ICP Paris on the History of Images and Writing, Theories of Modernity, Artists' publications, Independent Artists’ groups, Artists’ initiatives, Artists’ networks in the 20th Century, Sound Art in the 20th Century, Models of Romanticism in Modern and Contemporary Art, Visualizing and reflecting ambiguous and informal knowledge. Partly in collaboration with: Centre Pompidou, Louvre and various other exhibition spaces in Paris. Since 2016.



• Seminars on artists' books for students of various schools for fine art. In collaboration with: Museum Serralves Porto, Centre for Artists' Publications Bremen, Collector Walther König,  Kunst - und Museumsbibliothek Cologne (KMB), Zentralinstitut für Kunstgeschichte Munich (ZI). Since 2013



• Seminars on a.o. artistic strategies of writing for students of the University of Cologne. In collaboration with: Museum Ludwig Cologne, Kolumba Museum Cologne. 2013-2014



• Research laboratory on processes of creating meaning and knowledge in view of religious representations for students of the Institute for Catholic Theology at the University of Paderborn. In collaboration with the Diocesan Museum Paderborn. 2013



• "See-minars" for students of all factulties of the University of Bremen. In collaboration with various museums, archives, galleries and artists in Bremen. 2009-2011



• Projects and lectures on Art and Empowerment, Seeing at the Edge of Chance, What is to be done?, The Migration of Forms in the frame of initiatives by the Heinrich Böll Foundation and the Fond Soziokultur: documenta 12, 2007



• Projects and seminars on various topics on processes of knowledge creating at the interface of art, research, everyday experience and the public sphere for students of the University of Bremen. In collaboration with: Museum Weserburg Bremen, Hamburger Kunsthalle, documenta Kassel. 2005-2011